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Would you like to travel to Armenia? Join one of Shoestring's Armenia tours and experience this special country. Armenia is a land with some 200 rivers and about 100 picturesque lakes but none of the rivers are navigable because of the differences in altitude and the presence of rapids. Only 10% of Armenia sits lower than 1000 metres! You are certain to enjoy the beautiful and pristine mountain landscape during your tour of Armenia.

Religion plays an important role in Armenian life. Most of the population is Armenian-orthodox. During the Soviet period, church services were forbidden and priests and religious leaders prosecuted. For 70 years, the importance of religion was made almost invisible. When the Soviet Union fell apart, churches and monasteries were quickly rebuilt. Fortunately, the old traditions came back to life and you will discover for yourself the significance of religion during a tour in Armenia.

Join one of Shoestring's Armenia tours!

Länderinformationen Armenien

  • Hintergrund
  • Kultur in Armenien
    If you like generosity and hospitality then Armenia is the place for you. The Armenian people love guests and see them as a gift from God. During your visit you will meet the
  • Religion
    Religion is very important for Armenians. After the disintegration of the Soviet-Union, churches and monasteries were rebuilt and the old traditions came back completely. Arou
  • Sprache
    Around 96% of the population speaks the official language, Armenian. Russian is also commonly spoken and understood by everyone. Other languages ​​regularly spoken are English
  • Festivals in Armenien
    Armenia has numerous national and religious holidays: New Year's Day (January 1) Christmas (6 January), International Women's Day (8 March), Good Friday (April), Liberation Da
  • Essen und Getränke in Armenien
    One of the most important things in the Armenian kitchen is the fresh produce. The eating of food is an important social event for Armenians and the meal usually takes some ti
  • Trinkgeld
    The people working in small restaurants don’t expect tips but in the trendy restaurants and cafes in the capital they do. Sometimes they already add ten percent to the bill.
  • Beste Reisezeit Armenien
    Armenia has a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. In the extreme south of the country it is subtropical and warm, even in the winter there are pleasant temp
  • Bevölkerung
    Armenia has a surface area of ​​29,800 km ² and has around three million inhabitants, of which 65 percent live in cities. Besides the Armenian population (98%) there are
  • Landschaft
    A special fact about Armenia is that less than 10% of the country is located at lower than 1000 meters. A mountain range, which is part of the South Caucasian massive, cuts Ar
  • Praktische Informationen
  • Hintergrundinformationen über Armenien
  • Zeitunterschied
    During winter, Armenian time is four hours later than Greenwich Mean Time and three hours in summer.
  • Geld
    The national currency in Armenia is the Dram (AMD). Banknotes exist in 500, 1000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000 and 50,000 denominations. Coins of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 Dram are
  • Gepäck und Kleidung
    We recommend that you bring your luggage in a backpack to Armenia. The weight of your luggage need not be any more than ten kilos (22 pounds) per person. It is useful to bring
  • Elektrizität/Strom in Armenien
    Armenia uses 220 volt, 50 hertz alternating current, assuming a power cut is not occurring. For this reason, many Armenians have backup generators at home. A good torch can ce
  • Sicherheit
    In general, Armenia is safe for tourists. Most of the locals are hospitable and friendly, but do not show wads of money on the streets. Travel in the border regions of Armenia
  • Gesundheit
    Travellers to Armenia who pay some attention to hygiene and skincare usually don’t run into health problems, apart from some harmless intestinal complaints. Food and d
  • Informationen für die Daheimgebliebenen
    Make sure that those at home know which country you are in and how long you are planning to stay away. You may fix a date when you will contact them again. Provide those picki
  • Fotos
    The use of a camera in museums/sights is usually allowed. Using a flash in churches and museums is often prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to photograph military facilities, police and border posts.
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