Essen und Getränke in Georgia

Georgians are real Burgundians and love cooking, wine and extensive eating. Garlic, eggplant, walnuts and various herbs can be found in many meals. Georgians generally start with some cold and hot appetizers such as Lobia (bean and walnut salad), pkhali (baby spinach leaves with finely chopped herbs) and khasta puri (cheese flaps made ​​of a kind of pizza dough filled with cheese - for sale on almost every street corner). The meal is followed by dishes with lamb, veal or chicken.

As a wine lover you are in the right place because Georgia is a wine country par excellence and the oldest wine country in the world. However, the Georgian wine is still relatively unknown in the West. The Georgians have made wine for centuries in a unique way: the fermentation process takes place in large earthenware barrels that are buried in the ground. The seeds and skins of the grapes are left in the juice after pressing. The result is a wine with a character all its own.

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