Festivals in Georgia

Georgia has many national and religious holidays, namely: New Year's Day (January 1), Orthodox Christmas (7 January ), Epiphany  (January 19), Mother's Day (March 3), Orthodox Easter (April), Independence Day ( April 9), Independence Day 1918 (May 26, after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, this holiday restored ), Mariamoba: Assumption (August 28), Svetitskhovlba ( October 14), Giorgoba : Saint George's Day (23 November).

The most important holidays for Georgians are Christmas and Easter (especially). The Georgian people go to church at Easter and traditionally will write notes with names of friends and family for blessing. On Easter Sunday exuberant toasts and song take place. Around midnight everyone leaves to the cathedral with lighted candles to make a tour of three rounds of the church. Then priests and choirs sing polyphonic medieval songs all night before visiting the cemetery the next day.

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