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Armenia group tours

Join Shoestring for one of our Armenia group tours. During your group tour you’ll discover beautiful old monasteries, villages and the khatchkar, commonly sighted carved cross-stones.

During your group travel of Armenia you’ll visit the spa town of Dilizhan. This village, situated in the Aghstev valley, is often called ‘Little Switzerland’. Close to Dilizhan is the Dilizhan National Park, where you’ll find Lake Parz surrounded by green scenery. The well preserved Selim caravanserai, from the 14th century, is set amongst colourful flowerbeds where birds are also abundant. The famous healing waters and the spa town of Jermuk are not to be missed during your group tour of Armenia.

During your group travels you’ll visit the view point that gives you fantastic panoramas of the cave city of Khndzoresk, beautifully situated in a green gorge. Many of Armenia’s monasteries were built in places that are difficult to get to: The Novarank monastery for example sits on a rock plateau in a narrow gorge. You’ll travel further with views of the Ararat, the mountain where, as legend has it, Noah’s Ark was stranded. Visit the UNESCO World heritage sites of Echmiatzin and Zvartnots. The cathedral of Echmiatzin is also known as the ‘Vatican of Armenia’. The beautiful ruins of Zvartnots, a dome cathedral that collapsed in the 9th century, still has a fantastic acoustic and is a popular location for concerts.

Join us for one of our Armenia group tours!

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