Länderinformationen Nordkorea

  • Hintergrund
  • Kultur in Nordkorea
    Despite the sharp political differences between North and South Korea, both countries have a common culture. This is based on a Confucian hierarchy and etiquette. Confucianism
  • Religion
    Officially there are very few religious adherents in North Korea. Historically though, North Korea has been home to followers of Christianity, Buddhism, shamanism and Confucianism.
  • Sprache
    The official language in North Korea is Korean. Your guides will speak good English and will translate something if you should wish. Although locals are often 
  • Festivals in Nordkorea
    There are a number of celebrations/commemorations that will take place in North Korea during 2014: -During the departure date of April 7th 2014, you will experience&nb
  • Essen und Getränke in Nordkorea
    Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included during your time in North Korea. You should ensure your guide is aware of any special dietary requirements so they can reconfirm a
  • Trinkgeld
    Tipping is not expected in North Korea, but is appreciated. If you do intend to tip, allow around 1-2 Euros per person per day for your main guide, and 0.5 – 1 euro per day for your second guide and driver.
  • Beste Reisezeit Nordkorea
    The climate is generally classed as continental, with rainfall concentrated in summer. Summer months are warm, but winter temperatures can fall as low as -30 °C. Late spri
  • Bevölkerung
    More than 23 million people, (half the population of South Korea), live in North Korea. The vast majority of the population is Korean though there are small Chinese and Japanese minorities.
  • Praktische Informationen
  • Geld
    All transactions conducted must be made using local currency (North Korean Won). However, as foreigners are not allowed to obtain Won, the shops and restaurants catering to vi
  • Korrespondenz
    Phones You will not be allowed to take a mobile phone or GPS from outside the country into North Korea. If you do bring one in, it will be wrapped in packing tape and signed
  • Elektrizität/Strom in Nordkorea
    Generally electrical supply is 220V and plugs have two round prongs. Please note that power cuts can occur without warning.
  • Sicherheit
    Crime against foreigners is unusual but not unheard of. Exercise normal safety precautions and ensure that valuables are secure. Travel within North Korea is heavily restrict
  • Gesundheit
    Essen und Trinken Leitungswasser ist für den menschlichen Konsum nicht geeignet. Trinke immer Wasser aus der Flasche. In kleinen Restaurants nimmt man besser kein Obst o
  • Weitere Informationen über Nordkorea
    As you may imagine, perceived insults or jokes about the North Korean political system and its leadership are severely frowned upon. Foreigners have very occasionally found th
  • Fotos
    You should always ask permission before taking anyone's photograph and respect their decision if they decline. Photographs of North Korean officials or any non-tourist sites s
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