Essen und Getränke in Russland

Restaurants: Moscow has a large variety of restaurants and offers very varied, good quality cuisine. Cafes, bars and restaurants are plentiful everywhere in the city. Restaurants in the centre of Moscow accept credit cards, and usually have English menus and English speaking waiting staff. Smart clothing is compulsory. You can find both Russian and European food in Moscow, and there are also smaller Georgian and Armenian cafes and restaurants which serve good quality, often spicy food. There are many small coffee shops where you can enjoy a cup of chai (tea), coffee, other drinks and buterbrods (sandwiches). Caviar is Russia’s most famous culinary offering, and traditional Russian pancakes with caviar (ikras) are delicious. Besides this, salads and rich soups such as borsch, solyanka or shi are also typical things to find on Russian menus. Elki-Palki (pronounced Yolki-Palki) is a chain of restaurants which serve many traditional Russian dishes. They offer excellent service, English menus and low prices. Another popular restaurant is Drowa, where you can choose from a broad-ranging Russian buffet and eat with a great view over the nearby Red Square. The same variety is available in St. Petersburg.

Meals: Breakfast in Russia consists of bread with cheese, sausage, jam or eggs, and there is always a warm dish served such as a plate of porridge or an omelette. You can also try blini or oladi, the famous Russian crepes with honey or sour cream. Caviar is Russia’s most famous offering to world cuisine, but don’t buy it on the street as it is often not genuine. Traditional Russian pancakes with caviar (ikra) are delicious, as is chicken Kiev or beef stroganoff. There are also many delicious salads and thick soups such as borsch or shi on Russian menus. A great souvenir from Russia is a small tin of caviar

Drinks: We advise against drinking the tap water. Mineral water (mineralnaja woda) and other soft drinks are widely available.

Spirits: World famous Russian vodka is available in restaurants and is ordered per gram. 50 grams is roughly equivalent to one shot and is always served with zakuskas (small snacks). Never buy vodka in the street, on the market or from small kiosks, as you never know exactly what you are buying! Russian champagne is widely available, sold in ‘sweet’ and ‘semi-sweet’ varieties. A third typical Russian drink is kvas, a drink made using yeast, bread, water and various spices. It is delicious and very thirst quenching.

Coffee and tea: Tea is a popular drink in Russia and is served with lemon. Coffee, cocoa and milk are also widely available in Moscow.

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