Festivals in Syrien

Friday is the day of rest. Most shops, government buildings/services and banks are closed (NB: Jews do not work on Saturdays and Christians are free on Sundays). On Fridays you will see many families will go to the countryside to have a picnic or visit some of the places of interest, especially Syrian families.
Syrian national holidays include:
- 1 January: The Christian New Year
- 22 February: Unity Day
- 8 March: Eid al-Thawra (Revolution Day)
- 1 May: Yom al-Umal (Labour Day)
- 6 May: Eid ash-Shuhada (Martyrs Day)
- 6 October: Liberation Day
- 16 November: Tishreen (Day of the ‘Correction Movement’)
- 25 December: Christmas

Islamic holidays: Because the Islamic calendar is based on the position of the moon, the festivals fall on different Gregorian dates every year. The festival of sacrifice is on the 16h of November in 2010. Ramadan can cause problems for tourists as many restaurants are closed, and eating, drinking and smoking in public are not appreciated. People will accommodate and cook for tourists in this period, however. In 2010, Ramadan begins on the 11th of August until the 9th of September. Eid al-Fitr, the breakfast feast that follows Ramadan, begins on the 10th of September. Ramadan begins as soon as the full moon is spotted. As a result of this, it can sometimes begin a day earlier than stated here, and the official beginning of Ramadan has been known to vary from place to place.

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