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Die Maya Route

Abenteuer in Mexiko, Guatemala, Honduras & Belize! - Singlereise

buchen Ab   € 1.599,-


Bist du daran interessiert, was vorherige Teilnehmer/innen über diese Reise gesagt haben? Hier kannst du ihre Bewertungen und Kommentare lesen, übermittelt durch die „Welcome Home“-Umfrage, die alle Teilnehmer/innen nach ihrer Rückkehr erhalten.

Bitte beachte, dass Shoestring International in den Niederlanden die Reisen mit internationalen Flügen (ab Amsterdam) anbietet. Daher kann es sein, dass die Reisepläne  variieren können (in Bezug auf die Anzahl der Tage).

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Von Reisenden bewertet

Tour Leader: 9,4
Preis/Qualität: 8,1
Unterkunft: 8,1
Transport: 8,6
Reisedatum: 09.02.2018
Tour-Bewertung: 10
Caroline :
As I booked on the german webside and spoke german to the stuff of shoestring, I expected the group to be more international - I didn't expect a group of only dutch people :) at the end it didn't matter because we spoke english and I understand a bit of dutch, and all of the tour members were just great.
Reisedatum: 12.02.2016
Tour-Bewertung: 9
yes, I'll send comments by e-mail
Reisedatum: 19.04.2013
Tour-Bewertung: 9
Reisende/r :
The only thing I regret is time in Playa del Carmen (which for me has no value) that could have better been used elsewhere. For the rest though - a very nice trip.
Reisedatum: 19.03.2013
Tour-Bewertung: 8
Reisende/r :
The trip in itself was fantastic, fun group, great tour guide, very diverse, beautiful countries and we saw many beautiful things. Maybe some clearer info about money could have been provided. People took lots of cash when there were many cash machines available there.
Reisedatum: 19.03.2013
Tour-Bewertung: 5
Reisende/r :
I found the trip quite expensive, but a success. I did not participate in all the excursions, but still had a good impression. For the trip alone I would give an 8!
Reisedatum: 19.03.2013
Tour-Bewertung: 7
Reisende/r :
The website of yours is not entirely correct: Euro's are not accepted everywhere. It is best that people bring dollars (in addition to bank card)
Reisedatum: 19.03.2013
Tour-Bewertung: 8
Reisende/r :
The advice to take euros was a mistake! It should have been Dollars!
Reisedatum: 08.02.2013
Tour-Bewertung: 8
Reisende/r :
Unfortunately we missed the connecting flight in Chicago. I expected this may happen due to my own previous experience of O’Hare. For flight schedules maybe pay a bit more attention, even in my previous trip (Peru / Bolivia) we had a tight schedule.
Reisedatum: 08.02.2013
Tour-Bewertung: 7
Reisende/r :
I originally booked the February trip as it was significantly less than other dates. I was to find out after that the package price was to rise by a hundred Euros because of the flight portion. I was unaware that an increase could occur! Also, the transfer time in Chicago on the return trip was too short: I have travelled regularly in the USA and know the customs there is a drama. We have been in contact about this and have been referred to our travel insurance.
Reisedatum: 08.02.2013
Tour-Bewertung: 9
Reisende/r :
We enjoyed this trip tremendously. However, we missed our connecting flight to Amsterdam because of the short transfer time in Chicago. Where the problem was, you can argue about, but a longer space between the connecting flights is recommended.
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