Essen und Getränke in Usbekistan

The Uzbek kitchen is maybe a little heavy in our eyes. The standard dish in Uzbekistan, Plov, consists of rice with mutton, onions, carrots and raisins. Laghman is a kind of noodle soup whose composition may vary somewhat, though always with mutton and vegetables. Shurpa is a greasy soup with a hunk of meat and vegetables. Shashliks are very popular in Uzbekistan, very similar to how we know them here, with pieces of lamb on a skewer.

There are also plenty of restaurants with Russian influences. These dishes include borscht (beet soup), beef stroganoff (meat in a sauce) and bifsteks (chopped). In the larger cities you can also find restaurants serving international cuisine such as Chinese, Korean, Indian or Italian.

During dinner it is often common to drink mineral water or soft drinks. Unlike tea, coffee is only available in some (urban) places. In Uzbekistan you can buy Vodka in all shapes and sizes and even Uzbek Champagne and Cognac. ‘Kwas’ is a kind of light alcoholic drink made from stale bread and yeast. Western beers are also widely available. It is not recommended to drink from the tap. In Uzbekistan bottles of mineral water are for sale everywhere.

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